Although this song is technically closest to the key of Ab (remember the inconsistency of early Green Day tuning), it is played on open chords, since Billie Joe tuned down a (close) half-step. To get the best sound, it’s recommended you tune down a half-step to play this song (so you’d be playing what looks like an A natural even though it would really be an A flat, and so on). Got that!?

Also, I’ve seen some folks play this song with an Fm instead of a regular old F. Although it works both ways, it’s hard to tell exactly which Billie is playing since the guitar is pretty distorted. However, in the breakdown where it’s just him and the guitar, I believe you can hear that it is in fact a F natural (not minor). Am I meticulous, or what?

1000 hours lyrics and chords

Same pattern for the rest of the song. The remaining lyrics (stolen from somewhere else) are as follows:

Nothing’s more
Than what our love is for
As I kiss your cheek
Oh, so softly
Hands flowing down my back
1,000 hours, I’ll never leave
Our romance
Is a love trance
And now we’ll never part
1,000 hours
Of such a love shower
We’ll never stop, once we start

Let my hands flow through your hair
Moving closer, a kiss we’ll share
Passionate love to be all night long
We’ll never break, as one too strong