Key: G Tuning: E (sort of)

Intro (Palm muting and some fancy guitar harmonics):

D-C-D-C-D-C-B, D-C-D-C-D-C-B,

G  Bm C  D (x4)
Hey there looking at me Tell me what do you see As you quickly turn your head away I Try to find the words I could use Don't have the courage to come up to you My chance is looking a bit grey Staring across the room Are you leaving soon? I just need a little time What is it that drives me mad Girls like you that I never had What is it about you that I adore? What makes me feel so much pain That makes me go so insane What is it about you that I adore? Why did you have to leave so soon? Why did you have to walk away? Oh well it happened again She walked away with her boyfriend Maybe we'll meet again someday