Key: A (verses) G (chorus) Tuning: E

Intro is played with a little palm muting over the main verse chord progression.

Now you see me, now you don't Don't ask me where I'm at 'Cause I'm a million miles away Treated like a forbidden heel Don't say my thoughts are not for real Or you won't see me again Am I here or am I there Or am I playing on the stairs Am I in my room with my toys I am the disappearing boy When I walk in crowded rooms I feel as if it is my doom I know that I don't belong In that room I see her I see her and she's with him I turn around and then I'm gone Don't call me up 'cause I'm not home My whereabouts are now unknown I vanished from all your joy I'm the disappearing boy I have my doubts Of where I belong It's something to think about