You’ll want to tune down a half-step (to Eb) for this one.

You may not be familiar with a couple of the chords used in this song. Following the chord chart, we’ve drawn out the two less common chords (Dadd9 and Dsus2/F) using

You’ll notice some of the chords are in parentheses. We did this because only the few notes at the end of the chord are being struck here. In order to play it like the recording, you’ll want to play the D and A chords in the 5th fret barred position, and the G chord in the 3rd fret barred position, and then just strike the last three notes of the chord while slightly palm-muting them. If that’s too advanced for you, you can just play the basic D, A, and G chords and it will still sound fine.

Before the Lobotomy:

Intro (picking): G, Dadd9, Dsus2/F, C, D#

Before the Lobotomy chords, Green Day

Dadd9 guitar chord    Dsus2/F guitar chord