So, you may notice we used a B5 chord in the chart below, even though we usually pretend 5 chords don’t exist. This is because we feel using a Bm would be distracting for this particular song and take away from the overall badass rockness that happens throughout.

You may also notice the Fadd9 chord in the end. Don’t let that strange chord fool you, it’s fairly simple to pull off, assuming you are already comfortable with barre chords.

Basically, when you get to the last G played at the end of the last chorus (over the fourth time Billie sings “inferno”), you’ll want to slide up to the 10th fret and play the G barred in that position. Then, to play the Fadd9, simply barre the 2nd through 5th strings on the 10th fret. You basically playing an F barred chord but instead of playing the root (F) you are playing a G note in its place. If you aren’t quite at the barre chord level yet, not to worry. You can get away with just playing plain old G and F chords in their place.

The chords in parentheses are places where the guitar is only playing the root note of the chord.

Christian’s inferno:

Christian's Inferno chords