Obviously, Last Night on Earth is a piano driven song. The guitar parts compliment the song but the piano really fills everything out. Instead of just charting out the actual guitar parts being played (which are sort of minimal), we’ve taken both the guitar and the piano and tried to chart it so that when you play it by yourself it sounds more like the awesomeness that is the whole song.

If you would rather play the actual acoustic guitar part on the recording (the way Billie plays it live when he’s playing by himself, also), you only need to make a couple small amendments to how we’ve charted it below. Instead of playing the A augmented chord (Aaug), simple play an “A5+”, which is basically just an open A string and the 3rd fret of the 4th (D) string being held down. You then slide that up to the 4th fret to create an A6 in the place of the F#m/A listed below, and then slide up that same note one more fret to create a stripped down A7. You’re basically only changing one note per chord until you get to the D and Dm which are played fully.

For the “if I lose everything in the fire” part, you’ll see it’s basically just an A chord with the root note walking down. When Billie plays the song by himself, he only plays the root notes at this point. So you would just be playing those notes on the E string, moving down until you get to the D which he plays fully.

Green Day Last Night on Earth guitar chords