Basically, I got sick and tired of seeing totally inaccurate chords and tabs online. I don’t know who these people are that take the time to write out how to play a song without getting it right…but I decided it was time to do something about it.

Green Day is probably my most favorite band of all time, so I decided to dedicate an entire site to teaching people how to play their music.

This site is intended for beginner to intermediate guitar players, or advance guitar players that are just too lazy to figure out the songs themselves.

As this is a chord site, you won’t find any tabs here. It’s also not a lyrics site. While I’ve done my best to make sure the lyrics are accurate, I put the vast majority of my focus on making sure the chords were accurate.

This site is for people like me that enjoy cranking out Green Day songs on their acoustic guitar in their bedroom. Those of you with electrics can play, too. Enjoy!

Billie Joe and I posing for a terrible camera phone picture, circa 2009.