Noel Gallagher of a washed up 90s band called Oasis accused Green Day of stealing the arrangement of their song Wonderwall with Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Wonderwall peaked at #1 on the Billboard Alternative charts. Green Day’s Boulevard of Broken Dreams peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Pop 100, US Billboard Mainstream Rock, US Billboard Modern Rock, and US Billboard Adult Top 40 charts. You do the math.

The intro to Boulevard of Broken Dreams follows the chords used throughout the verses: Fm, G#, D#, A#. There is a delay effect on the guitar that gives it that wah-wah-wah-wah sound.

For the acoustic part, Jason White usually play sit with a capo on the first fret so he can play the chords open, which generally gives it a richer sound.

For the outro, you will notice we used 5 chords, even though we typically don’t notate chords as 5 chords. There is a method to our madness.

The rest:

Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams chord chart