If you felt compelled to play guitar over the “nobody likes you” intro of Letterbomb, you would probably want to just play E B A B, which is how it is played in the “Nobody Likes You” section of Homecoming (although it’s in D there, so it’s D A G A).

After that the octaves come in. The whole octave intro is just banging away on E, then to Eb briefly (over the G# bass note) and then back to E. Then after the snare fill when the big ass-kicking guitars come in, the chords are E, G#m, C#m, A. Those are also the chords you would want to play over the intro octaves if you choose to do so!

You might notice in the pre-chorus a lot of E-A and E-B stuff. You basically just want to quickly hit that open low E power chord and then play the following chord. Or, if you’re playing the chords barred on the 5th and 7th frets, respectively, you can just stay where you are and hit that open low E string. Listen to the song and you’ll hear what we mean. The live video at the bottom of this page following the chords might help, too.

Letterbomb chords