Okay, so, if you know anything about this site, you know that we’ve been writing out the chords assuming you are tuned down a half-step (when appropriate), to keep things simple. Because no one wants to see a bunch of sharp or flat chords everywhere. Well, every now and then Billie Joe writes a song that lives between the frets, such as No Pride. Although we could have simplified and wrote it out in the key of G (which is technically what it is), in the name of consistency, we have arranged the chords the same way as the other Eb tuned songs, assuming you are tuned down a half-step and incorrectly calling a D# an E and so forth.

Have we lost you? Just tune down a half-step and follow the chords! Begin on the 4th fret.

Green Day - No Pride lyrics and chords

And how about some video accompaniment?