Every song on Kerplunk is played in Eb tuning. Sort of. It’s actually in between Eb and D, but closer to Eb. The band probably intended to just tune a half step down, but back in those days, guitar tuners were more of an inconvenience and an unnecessary expense. So, what probably happened is their guitars gradually went a little flat and they just tuned to each other, resulting in a sort of strange tuning.

For the sake of simplicity, all the chords from Kerplunk are written out as if they are in standard tuning. In other words, if you see an A chord, we are assuming you have tuned down a half step, and when you play a chord in the standard A position, you are actually playing an Ab (although it will be written as an A).

If you want to play along with this album, you’ll need to tune to it specifically because of its unique tuning.

The first 12 songs are more or less tuned the same since they were all recorded around the same time. The last four songs were from a much older recording session, and they are tuned slightly flatter than the first 12.