Alright, bear with me here. I’m going to take a bit of creative license. Hopefully this does not offend Green Day.

The thing is, the way this song was written, it depends heavily on the bass to carry the song. If you played the actual guitar part and sang along with it without the bass backing you up, it would sound empty and you would likely sound lame. What I’ve done here is taken what the bass is doing and what the vocals are doing and came up with a stand-alone guitar part that will work for the purpose of rocking out in your bedroom (which is the main goal of this site, after all).

D(b5)sus2 ChordYou may be wondering what the hell a D(b5)sus2 chord is…well, a Dsus2 (without the flatted 5) is just an open D chord with the high E string ringing open (instead of holding down the 2nd fret). Now, if you take your index finger which should be holding down the 2nd fret of the 3rd string and move it down one fret, you are effectively flatting the 5th and sounding an Ab. Those three remaining notes, Ab, D, and E, are the three notes being plucked by the bass at that particular part of the song. That’s why it works. However, the chords below aren’t strictly a result of putting the bass notes together. In some parts, Billie is singing a major note whereas the bass is hitting the minor 3rd, but the bass+guitar+Billie’s angelic voice make it work. For the purpose of writing out plain old chords, I’ve made it so that if you sing the song the way it is supposed to be sung with the chords below, it will sound super duper.

Okay enough explaining…is there a more proper way to play this song? No One Knows…

Green Day - No One Knows chords and lyrics