This song was written about a girl named Juliet from Fayetteville, Arkansas. In the name of consistency, I’ve arranged the chords below assuming you have tuned down a half-step, since that is how this album was recorded. However, if you’re not tuned down a half step, it becomes easier to play. In fact, on the rare occasions that Green Day performs this song live, it isn’t uncommon for them to play it a half step lower than it was recorded. This allows you to play the open E chord instead of the barred F.

If you are in standard E tuning, just replace all the C’s with B’s, the G’s with Gb’s, and the F’s with E’s. If you’re tuned down, play it as it is below…or play it as if you’re in standard E tuning and go easy on your voice and chord hand. Got that?

Anyhoo…this song is actually pretty dang easy to play. And super fun.

Green Day One for the Razorbacks chords and lyrics