There is some baseless rumor floating around on the internet that Green Day wrote this song about Blink 182 after being annoyed by them on the Pop Disaster Tour way back when. There is nothing credible about that rumor, whatsoever.

Fun fact: The saxophone solo on Jackass was performed by Gary Meek.

The intro to this song is C, C/B, Am (x3) D, and then G, F, C (x4)

If you’re not familiar with a C/B, it’s simply a C chord but you move the root note down one half-step to a B. So, if you are playing an open C chord with your third finger on the third fret of the 5th (A) string, you would instead play the note one fret below, on the 2nd fret of the 5th (A) string. You can do that with the same finger or transition your middle finger over there or however the heck you want to do it. Later on, in the chorus, you’ll see a G/F#. Same deal, you’re going to play a G chord like you normally would, but slide the root note down on the low E string (6th string) one fret (one half-step) so that you’re playing an F# note along with the regular G chord.

Here are the rest of the chords:

Green Day - Jackass, chords and lyrics

And here is a rare video of Green Day performing Jackass live…with subtitled lyrics in Spanish! Neat!