Minority is the most popular song off the Warning album among fans. It is definitely the heaviest and hardest hitting track on the album. Minority held the #1 spot on the Billboard modern rock charts for 5 weeks straight.

The acoustic intro is pretty simple once you get the picking pattern down. You’ll have to figure the pattern out for yourself (i.e. look up a tutorial on YouTube), because after all, this isn’t GreenDayPickingPatterns.com. But, for your reference…

Intro chords: C, G, Fmaj7, C, C, G, F, C.

What’s an Fmaj7, you ask? It’s just an F chord with the open high E string ringing out.

Although the meat and potatoes of this song involves only the C, G and F chords, the pattern changes up a bit. This has resulted in a ton of useless chord charts on the various sloppy chord websites out there for this song, as apparently no one has the patience to actually listen to what the song is doing. Fortunately, GreenDayChords.com saves the day!

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