Borrowing a bit from Petula Clark’s single “Downtown”, Waiting was one of the most successful tracks on Warning. At its peak it hit #26 on Billboard’s modern rock chart.

You will see that we have the A# in the song charted as an A#m. Like a lot of Green Day songs, it is usually voiced throughout the song as a 5 chord, having no minor or major voicing, but if you listen closely in the intro you can hear it voiced as A#m, so we’re sticking with that. It is also clearly voiced as a major towards the end of each chorus, and we have it charted as such.

Also, if you watch the music video below the chords, you’ll notice he is playing open chords for the quiet part that starts around 2:18 (which is actually an acoustic guitar). This was likely done using a capo or a guitar tuned to Eb in the studio, since it would be in the wrong key if he was playing a guitar tuned to E and playing the non-sharped chords open. Thank goodness for music video magic.

In standard E tuning, it goes a little something like this:

Waiting by Green Day, chords and lyrics

Here is the official music video, directed by Marc Webb: